My experience as a student

Hi there, I am here to speak on behalf of my experience as a student. I understand that there’s a lot of stress that is generally associated with the time of final exams. I am one to understand that, for sure. I have a lot of anxiety related to exams, so I’ve decided to begin to devote my time to forming strategies that can help any student prepare for their exams by forming a more well-rounded and inform perspective, especially in regards to figure out how to divide their time most strategically to receive the final exam grades that they desire or need to move forward in the way that they have planned, or that they must move forward in. So, I started to use websites that work as tools, and some work better than others. I think probably the best one that I have found, as far as a practical tool, is actually a weighted grade calculator. What a weighted grade calculator is is basically a website that you had a little bit of information I come including what your current grade is come with the great that you want, and the worth of your final exam. Once you add these, you can press a calculator button, and you will learn the exact grade that you need to get on your final exam to get the final grade in the course that you want, or need. This is so useful, as each teacher, instructor, or Professor generally has a different way of determining the value and worth of all of the different components of a class, assignments, participation, exams, etcetera. So, websites like this really provide a great service to people like me.


How often should I visit a Burnaby optometrist?

How often should I visit a Burnaby optometrist?

How often should I visit a Burnaby optometrist? A lot of people don’t know the answer to this question and think that they can visit an optometrist only when they start to have vision problems.

This is very wrong and dangerous. The problem is that many eye conditions and diseases have no clear symptoms. This means that if you start seeing dots, flashes or your vision starts to go blurry then you probably already have a serious eye problem.

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Outsourcing vs Offshoring

So does anybody know the difference between IT outsourcing and offshoring? Well, I recently learned. For some reason they always told me that outsourcing was an international deal. Even though it often is, it’s sourcing is actually any time that you decide to work with a specialized contractor to do with thing that you would usually do. Isn’t that weird? For some reason the word Outsourcing is always attached to India, China, and Eastern Europe, but actually it is something that happens within communities, stage, and the country. Turns out sourcing without even realizing it, from time to time, I just thought that I was Contracting Specialists. Anyway, I have found an amazing solution for it Outsourcing, and I would like to pass it along. I meant one of the representatives a party and he told me all about this company, and it seems like they are completely legitimate. Software is such a weird thing, and programmers and Engineers are starting to go freelance, since there are way less full-time jobs being created in the field, at least in many fields, because people are choosing to go with short-term contract work rather than full-time staff for their software and programming needs. I think that’s a bit weird, but that’s not my place to have an opinion, I just know that I am going to continue Outsourcing my own work. I don’t think that I will do it offshore though, because I really believed in contributing to the local economy and giving local Solutions a chance to make an impact, because I’d like to communicate and form close relationships with all of my business partners. That’s just how I work, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I believe that the Personal Touch is how to separate your local business from others, and I prioritize Community almost over basically everything else.


Turn your I phone into a view finder –Insta360 nano review

This Insta360 nano review will show you how easy it is to perfectly turn your Iphone into a viewfinder for crisp, clear photos, among other benefits. How do I do this, you ask? Follow the article below for a detailed explanation on the procedure.

What is an Insta 360 nano?

The Insta360 nano is a very small device that is attachable to your phone. Unfortunately the device is only available for Iphone handsets only. If you are a fan of clear pictures and videos, and you own any of the handsets in the Iphone 6 series, you are in luck because this device will really interest you. The device will not fit into previous models because previous models don’t have a curved body. In simple terms, the Insta360 nano is a small high definition 360 degree camera that can be attached to your phone. Have you ever wished that your phone could have a view finder for better captions? With this tiny gadget, your phone will be turned into the perfect view finder.

Since the device snuggly fits at the bottom side of your phone, you will have to use your phone upside down. Don’t get worried or despair about this, as this is the right position for use when the application is on.

Amazing features

The camera itself has a full 360 degree view of all its surroundings thanks to two highly efficient f/2.0 lenses that have a fish-eye design. The cameras have the ability to have forward and backward view at the same time enabling the 360 degree view.

This cool camera also has the ability to shoot pictures and videos all on its own. This feature is made possible by the presence of an SD card slot. However, this is not usually advised because with solo captions, you will not have a vantage point or point of focus where you can control the shot and take the picture as you would desire.

Self use ability and phone view- finding abilities

For your Iphone to be a perfect viewfinder, it has to be connected because there are no provisions wireless connections to the application.

This however does not mean that the small camera cannot be used on its own. When used alone, it is even better than some of the cameras in some handsets. It boasts of a unique shutter box and even a bright notification light. This therefore means that the small camera can still be used in those situations where your handset is e.g. low on battery or indisposed.

With the ability to turn your phone into the perfect view finder, plus numerous other benefits this is not a device to be ignored by any trendy individual. We hope this Insta360 nano review has been helpful.


City driving vehicle

So, I encountered the best city driving vehicle I’ve ever experienced in my life while I was on vacation to Berlin I know that might seem like a weird thing but you have to realize that, practically everything. That might be a bit of an overstatement, but they are certainly a very Advanced. A lot of amazing technology and innovation occurs in the city of Berlin, and it can be a little overwhelming. The art, science, and culture is just so interesting and unique. However, I can still say with certainty that this little scooter made by UNU was one of the highlights of my entire trip, undoubtedly. Without a doubt it, indeed. It was just amazing. So convenient! The fact that you can just bring in your little battery and plug it into the wall to charge it, and that one battery can last up to 50 kilometers at a time. I mean, for all sorts of reasons, these little scooters wouldn’t really work in rural settings however they are continuously impressive and perfect for the city. I don’t see any better see a city vehicle. I just think that these are incredible and the fact that they don’t use any gas at all is amazing. I think that electricity, considering can be used in so many different ways and generated from so many different sources, is a much wiser thing to be investing in within the automotive industry, as compared to oil and gas, which seem to be on the way down. So, if these little scooters ever become available in my community, I will certainly be buying them. They do have some American investors, so you never know. So, that’s what I think about that. I think that this was a highlight of my trip, and I think that they are going to change the world, these little scooters. I am thankful that UNU exists to be doing the work that they’re doing.

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How does Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) measure up to each other?

When RFID technology seems to have taking over the world, the game change with the emergence of Bluetooth Beacon technology giving the organisation a new perspective to automated intelligence. If you are new to Beacon technology and your picture toward it is not clear on how this sudden emerging technology is entirely different from traditional technologies like the RFID technology. Let’s go through how this two technology measures up to each other.

The Range and the Accuracy

Range can be defined as the distance in which a transmission can cover.  The distance an indoor communication technology can cover is of utmost importance.

Accuracy is the ability to trust a transmission sent despite experiencing challenges like environmental factors


RFID makes it possible to identify close to a thousand tags every second at 100% read rates; its accuracy differs base on this factors.

  • The antennas of the tag; RFID contains two antennas in other to eliminate dead zones
  • Frequency: the higher the frequency, the more sensitive it become to interference. A radio wave tends to hit metal and return. While, water can absorb radio waves at ultra-high frequency. This is the very reason RFID technology especially the ones with Ultra-high frequency are not suitable for metallic surfaces.


Beacon has a transmission range of about 70m.iBeacon transmission suffers from interference mostly; the signal can be absorbed by several media like air, metals, water and the human body. The range of beacon says Eddystone depends on the transmission power.

So the higher the transmission power, the greater the range at which mobile device can pick the transmission and therefore getting the information. Higher transmission power will drain the battery faster.

Their accessibility

This is the ability of any technology to be easily accessed by its users; there is need to have a transmitter, a receiver and an internet service in place

RFID technology

To make use RFID the following needs to be available, a reader, tags, a user control and a software application. For an organization to get RFID in place, they need to get tags and readers,

Beacon technology

This is highly easy, the iBeacon function as a sender of signals which can be configured using a mobile application, and this makes them very portable. The beacons allow cell phones to be the receivers which make them readily accessible to the beacon technology


Common Reasons for a Low App Store Ranking

                Common Reasons for a Low App Store Ranking

The app is going good and is on top. There’s a huge amount of traffic that is getting you downloads. The app is getting huge and huge and then the rankings drop. This is the thing that most developer’s worry about. Here are some reasons why the app has low app ranking:
 App Store Keywords for app store rankings:-
What if you are tracking the wrong keywords in your ASO? In the year 2016, there was a shift towards natural language whenever it is about searching on the app stores. That means people are speaking or typing the keyword terms or phrases into the App Store search engine instead of only using one or multiple keywords. This all affects app store ranking.

If you’re just tracking similar keywords, it may be that the keyword strategy of yours isn’t up to date. Individuals who are looking for the app might be trying long-tail phrases or keywords and you may require updating the keyword strategy as soon as you can so they can find easily.

Your App is New:-

If your app is new and you just launched it, you should expect the ASO rankings to drop low, ignoring the work you did for it and how much your app is better than the old version. Because ASO takes time and you should make sure that a solid ASO strategy is at the right place. This limit the drop in your app store rankings. Some companies got dropped out after a big ASO mistake. Make sure you don’t make any ASO mistake and the new app is really optimized for launching it on the app store.
Brace yourself for the bad as the rankings can eventually drop too. They can drop for a short time too. The ranking will get back in a few weeks. It can generally take two to three weeks. Don’t worry about it.

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Is it possible to Fall in Love more than Once?

Is it possible to Fall in Love more than Once?

People want to fall in love, and if you ask this question openly, you will receive different answers. The approach depends on how you have lived and what are your previous experiences. Some people say love is a one-time thing in life, while others support the idea of falling in love more than once, and even simultaneously. Next, we will dig further into this topic. In the end, we hope you can draw your own conclusions.

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Real Estate

The Top Financial Advantages of Owning A Condo – Why Investing in a Condo Should Be Your Next Move

The Top Financial Advantages of Owning A Condo – Why Investing in a Condo Should Be Your Next Move

In general, the Burnaby condos for sale are usually a lot cheaper than single family homes and you get a lot more than you would with the former than the latter. However, if you would still like to get a single family house in the future, a condo could be your stepping stone. Here are the reasons why:

A lower down payment

If you are a first time home buyer, you probably know how hard it is to come up with a down payment since you don’t have any property to supply some income and help you out. First time home buyers are usually n young people in the beginning of their careers without much savings, which makes a condo a great investment. Having a lower down payment means it will be easier on you to make the purchase.

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