Common Reasons for a Low App Store Ranking

                Common Reasons for a Low App Store Ranking

The app is going good and is on top. There’s a huge amount of traffic that is getting you downloads. The app is getting huge and huge and then the rankings drop. This is the thing that most developer’s worry about. Here are some reasons why the app has low app ranking:
 App Store Keywords for app store rankings:-
What if you are tracking the wrong keywords in your ASO? In the year 2016, there was a shift towards natural language whenever it is about searching on the app stores. That means people are speaking or typing the keyword terms or phrases into the App Store search engine instead of only using one or multiple keywords. This all affects app store ranking.

If you’re just tracking similar keywords, it may be that the keyword strategy of yours isn’t up to date. Individuals who are looking for the app might be trying long-tail phrases or keywords and you may require updating the keyword strategy as soon as you can so they can find easily.

Your App is New:-

If your app is new and you just launched it, you should expect the ASO rankings to drop low, ignoring the work you did for it and how much your app is better than the old version. Because ASO takes time and you should make sure that a solid ASO strategy is at the right place. This limit the drop in your app store rankings. Some companies got dropped out after a big ASO mistake. Make sure you don’t make any ASO mistake and the new app is really optimized for launching it on the app store.
Brace yourself for the bad as the rankings can eventually drop too. They can drop for a short time too. The ranking will get back in a few weeks. It can generally take two to three weeks. Don’t worry about it.

Low-Quality App:-
Some years ago, there were several firms that made a mistake in investing in the reskinned games or apps. Tactics like these should be avoided at any cost for a good app store ranking.

The low-quality apps are the ones that drop low in the app rankings. They disappear entirely sometimes and are unable to find. Apple and Google wanted app publishers to make an extra effort to establish a quality game or app.

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