My experience as a student

Hi there, I am here to speak on behalf of my experience as a student. I understand that there’s a lot of stress that is generally associated with the time of final exams. I am one to understand that, for sure. I have a lot of anxiety related to exams, so I’ve decided to begin to devote my time to forming strategies that can help any student prepare for their exams by forming a more well-rounded and inform perspective, especially in regards to figure out how to divide their time most strategically to receive the final exam grades that they desire or need to move forward in the way that they have planned, or that they must move forward in. So, I started to use websites that work as tools, and some work better than others. I think probably the best one that I have found, as far as a practical tool, is actually a weighted grade calculator. What a weighted grade calculator is is basically a website that you had a little bit of information I come including what your current grade is come with the great that you want, and the worth of your final exam. Once you add these, you can press a calculator button, and you will learn the exact grade that you need to get on your final exam to get the final grade in the course that you want, or need. This is so useful, as each teacher, instructor, or Professor generally has a different way of determining the value and worth of all of the different components of a class, assignments, participation, exams, etcetera. So, websites like this really provide a great service to people like me.

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