Turn your I phone into a view finder –Insta360 nano review

This Insta360 nano review will show you how easy it is to perfectly turn your Iphone into a viewfinder for crisp, clear photos, among other benefits. How do I do this, you ask? Follow the article below for a detailed explanation on the procedure.

What is an Insta 360 nano?

The Insta360 nano is a very small device that is attachable to your phone. Unfortunately the device is only available for Iphone handsets only. If you are a fan of clear pictures and videos, and you own any of the handsets in the Iphone 6 series, you are in luck because this device will really interest you. The device will not fit into previous models because previous models don’t have a curved body. In simple terms, the Insta360 nano is a small high definition 360 degree camera that can be attached to your phone. Have you ever wished that your phone could have a view finder for better captions? With this tiny gadget, your phone will be turned into the perfect view finder.

Since the device snuggly fits at the bottom side of your phone, you will have to use your phone upside down. Don’t get worried or despair about this, as this is the right position for use when the application is on.

Amazing features

The camera itself has a full 360 degree view of all its surroundings thanks to two highly efficient f/2.0 lenses that have a fish-eye design. The cameras have the ability to have forward and backward view at the same time enabling the 360 degree view.

This cool camera also has the ability to shoot pictures and videos all on its own. This feature is made possible by the presence of an SD card slot. However, this is not usually advised because with solo captions, you will not have a vantage point or point of focus where you can control the shot and take the picture as you would desire.

Self use ability and phone view- finding abilities

For your Iphone to be a perfect viewfinder, it has to be connected because there are no provisions wireless connections to the application.

This however does not mean that the small camera cannot be used on its own. When used alone, it is even better than some of the cameras in some handsets. It boasts of a unique shutter box and even a bright notification light. This therefore means that the small camera can still be used in those situations where your handset is e.g. low on battery or indisposed.

With the ability to turn your phone into the perfect view finder, plus numerous other benefits this is not a device to be ignored by any trendy individual. We hope this Insta360 nano review has been helpful.

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